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Fishbowl provides the #1 requested manufacturing & warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks!

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Fishbowl is the most popular manufacturing and warehouse management solution among QuickBooks users. It’s also a great standalone tool for organizations that are looking to track assets. Click on one of the documents below to learn more.

Corporate Brochure

In our Corporate Brochure, you’ll find a broad overview of Fishbowl, including all of its services and features. This Brochure includes testimonials from several of our satisfied customers, and information on our different training options to help you get acquainted with our software. You can also learn about our ROI Tool, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Merchant Services. Get started with Fishbowl right here!

Fishbowl Manufacturing Feature Sheet

You’ll find a comprehensive list of Fishbowl Manufacturing’s many features in this document. In addition to its warehouse management, order tracking, and other inventory control features, Fishbowl Manufacturing® offers advanced work orders, bills of materials, and many other manufacturing features to put you in control of your production processes.

Fishbowl Warehouse Feature Sheet

This handy document lists dozens of features contained in Fishbowl Warehouse®, including multi-currency, QuickBooks integration, UPS Ready, e-commerce and shopping cart integration, and much more. You’ll also find feature lists for Fishbowl Mobile and SalesPoint, plus added functionality provided by Fishbowl’s partners.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Fishbowl offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After buying our software and participating in our in-house or on-site training program, you have 60 days to put our software to the test. If you’re not satisfied after 60 days, we will reimburse you for the full amount you paid for our software. We put our money where our mouth is!

Case Studies

See how companies like yours have benefited from using Fishbowl to effectively control their inventories. In these Case Studies, you’ll see how other small businesses have saved time and money by streamlining complex processes with Fishbowl. We’re confident you’ll have a similar story to tell.

ROI Tool

Are you unsure if Fishbowl is worth the investment? Try using the ROI Tools in this PDF to calculate how quickly you will recoup your investment in Fishbowl's management software. Most of our clients are pleased to find that our software not only pays for itself in a short amount of time, but it keeps saving them more money month after month.

New Features

Fishbowl is continuously improving and releasing new software versions throughout the year. Check out the newest features that are making Fishbowl even more user-friendly and useful to your business.

Advanced Inventory Management - White Paper

This white paper examines the many features that businesses should look for in an inventory management solution to maximize their return on investment.

Why Fishbowl Is #1 with QuickBooks Users - White Paper

Would you like to know why Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse are the #1 solutions for QuickBooks users? This white paper explores features Fishbowl offers that are beyond QuickBooks’ ability.

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