Inventory Tracking Software

Inventory tracking software helps businesses monitor inventory levels in one or more warehouses. Fishbowl keeps track of which products are in demand at different locations and times of year. When a business has multiple locations, fast-selling products, and a large variety of items, the importance of Fishbowl’s inventory tracking software becomes clear.

Why is it important to track your inventory in real time? Because you want to keep your customers happy. If a shipment is delayed, you need to be able to spot the problem quickly and find a solution before it becomes an emergency. Fishbowl helps you track inventory from its creation to its final delivery.

The benefits of using Fishbowl’s tracking software include:

  • Always having up-to-date information on products and shipments
  • Receiving and shipping products using wireless scanners
  • Monitoring inventory in multiple warehouses
  • Balancing inventory needs on a per-location basis
  • Solving supply chain issues fast
  • Constantly tracking inventory and customer orders

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