Fishbowl Developer Network

Fishbowl Developer Network

The Fishbowl Developer Network (FDN) is a program for developers to integrate their third-party applications with Fishbowl’s software. When you join our network, you receive all the tools you need to connect to the Fishbowl Application Programming Interface (API) and start creating your own apps for Fishbowl.

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of the FDN, you gain access to the following resources:

  1. 1-year developer license for Fishbowl. With this license, you won’t have to use your existing Fishbowl user license to build applications.
  2. Technical assistance with the Fishbowl API.
  3. The Fishbowl Developer Hook. A testing application to assist with setting up and troubleshooting your XML calls to Fishbowl.
  4. Level 1 Developer Incident Package to give you the technical support you need.


A 1-year FDN membership costs $1495. In addition to the benefits listed above, you’ll have the opportunity to build custom apps that will make Fishbowl even more user-friendly and useful to your business for years to come. You know your business better than anyone, so we encourage you to create Fishbowl apps that will make you even more efficient.

Technical Support Options

You have the option to purchase additional Developer Incident Ticket packages. These tickets allow you to get help from Fishbowl’s Development team in solving issues that arise as you develop apps for Fishbowl. There are three packages you can purchase, in addition to your FDN membership.

  • Level 1: $900 – 3 Ticket Resolutions
  • Level 2: $1,350 (10% discount) – 5 Ticket Resolutions
  • Level 3: $2,400 (20% discount) – 10 Ticket Resolutions

Get Started Today

We invite you to contact your Support representative or email us at right now to become a member of the FDN. Take advantage of this great opportunity to customize Fishbowl so it will better meet your company’s needs! Call us at 1.800.774.7085.