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small business barcode inventory system

If your small business has inventory to manage, a barcode inventory management system can help you increase efficiency and save time and money. A typical barcode inventory system includes hardware, such as barcode printers and scanners and software that runs on computers and mobile barcode devices.

Barcode Hardware

An important part of any barcode inventory system is the hardware. Having the right barcode scanners can make a big difference. Some barcode scanners read barcodes from a longer distance and some can read 2D barcodes in addition to just 1D barcodes.

If you want to print your own barcodes so you can create custom labels, you’ll need a barcode printer. Also, some hardware and software combinations work better together, so you’ll want to make sure your hardware and software are fully compatible.

Barcode Software

Some small businesses use barcode software that just lets them create and print barcode labels but doesn’t have inventory management capabilities. If you need inventory and order management capabilities, you should consider a more robust barcode inventory system for your small business.

A typical barcode inventory system includes the ability to:

  • Print and scan barcodes
  • Ship, receive and count inventory
  • Handle order management
  • Track parts across multiple locations
  • Integrate with your accounting system

Need an easy way to create barcodes? Click here to access our Free Barcode Generator.

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